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White Papers about Technical XIFI Showcases

The thirteen showcases are available to download. Please click on the titles to download the PDF file

Always best served Always best connect”, that once was an advertisement used to attract mobile users to mobile network providers. Now we give seamless network control  into the hand of developers to provide best real time services in smart city and e-health environments. XIFI offers the possibility to test and integrate this functionality in new services and application within its environment.
Automatic secure communication between multi-datacenters There are some cases in which it is necessary to deploy your service in several datacenters due to security and/or regulatory aspects. Therefore ensuring the reliability of the services/applications communications is of importance for cloud users and datacentre IT managers.
A way to easily publish and make available specific enablers on any XIFI infrastructure Any authorized Technology Provider should be able to publish its own specific enabler on FI-LAB which then could be deployed on demand in the federated infrastructure of XIFI. Any Developer or Third Parties will be interested to develop new applications using this new technology.
XIFI Marketplace: Applications across federated nodes XIFI Marketplace meets Future Internet developers and infrastructure owners in a single platform, accessing to a set of federated infrastructure nodes. The main benefit for developer users is the opportunity to get involved into a Cloud Community based on advanced infrastructures ready to offer nowadays services (e.g. Smart Cities). From the infrastructure owner point of view the main goal is the connection with FI developers and offering them innovative services through their nodes. XIFI Marketplace also consist of in a resource catalogue for searching and comparing the variety of services, and moreover a recommendation tool, becoming it intuitive for all type of users.
How to improve Quality of Experience using NaaS and SDN



XIFI infrastructure supports monitoring resource performance and dynamic management of network resources by means of SDN and NaaS. Using these innovative technologies, it is possible to improve the QoS through real-time network configurations that are suited for the needs of a particular task.
XIFI  SDN Traffic Engineering

The  XIFI provides advanced networking capabilities in terms to interconnect virtual machines inside and  between datacentres. The functionalities include connectivity setup, flow monitoring and flow prioritisation.
To measure is to control: measure your infrastructure  Am I using a real performing infrastructure? Is someone overbooking  - and overselling - resources? And most of all, does this network connectivity fit my needs?
The one click FI-lab node deployment tool In XIFI we focused in the activity to simplify as much as possible installation for new nodes and private clouds. The result is the Infrastructure Toolbox (ITBox), a tool that simplifies the deployment, setup and operation of distributed clouds linked to FI-LAB. ITBox is distributed as an ISO image, which contains an installer for ITBox Master Server. Once installed, ITBox can be used to deploy and manage in a easy way, OpenStack clusters and a set of XIFI/FI-WARE tools.
XIFI Security Monitoring for Federated Networks

The XIFI infrastructures and Future Internet services can be exposed to different types of threats that can lead to severe misuse and damage. This is even more important in a dynamic environment with distributed nodes and services where new threats and attacks can emerge daily. The XIFI Security and Privacy Dashboard, integrated into the XIFI Marketplace Portal, and making use of the FI-WARE Security Monitoring GE offers an efficient way to detect and respond quickly to security incidents.
DEM: Monitor your Virtual Machines’ Performance Irrespective of your particular deployment needs, be it a single Generic Enabler, a Specific Enabler or a multi-tier, multi-region application, XIFI offers an easy-to-use solution to monitor performance of your  deployed virtual machines or physical hosts.
From FIRE to the FI-PPP Large-scale research trials often result in commercial spin-offs. However, taking a successful idea from research towards pre-commercialisation is not always straight forward. This showcase demonstrates how this can be done, taking a networked gaming application where both QoS  and QoE are essential from the FIRE context across to XIFI and the FI-PPP, using XIFI nodes to run and monitor the scenario and Generic Enablers as the building blocks for the implementation.
Augmented Mobile TouristFederation capability of the XIFI technology foundation is a key for success of services built employing nodes and components from different providers run in different clouds, public, private and hybrid.