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XIFI and FIWARE Mundus in the New World: the road to a fruitful cooperation?

A XIFI delegation together with the FI-LINKS CSA (FIWARE Mundus) and the participation of Peter Fatelnig from the EC, attended several meetings in Toronto and Washington D.C. and participated in the US Ignite Applications Summit in Washington D.C. during the week of 23 March 2015. The Summit, which was entitled “Beyond Today’s Internet: Experiencing a Smart Future”, gathered more than 400 participants.

The main outcome of our effort was that FIWARE was proposed to be set up on top of existing platforms both in Canada and in the US. In Canada, cooperation with the SAVI platform is being considered; in USA as well, with support from US Ignite, over the existing GENI gigabit networking and computing infrastructure. The objective in both cases would be to provide the FIWARE features to application developers in North America, thus promoting the use of open platforms such as FIWARE (publicity will be made) and also the knowledge of US-Ignite Gigabit applications activities, GENI and SAVI in Europe.

The ambitious objectives that were discussed could be to demonstrate smart cities applications based on FIWARE in an event organised by NIST in Washington D.C. on 1st June, 2015 within the Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC) initiative, and to showcase a first integration of FIWARE over SAVI in the Smart City Platforms Summit planned in Toronto on 13-15 October 2015. We will follow this up shortly as the registration for the NIST event has just been announced. In addition, teams have been set up between Europe and USA with support from the EC and NSF to work on common challenges, potentially leading to common research and commercial opportunities.

There may also be opportunities with the World Bank, whose representatives were interested in evaluating the offering of FIWARE to countries looking at developing smart cities e.g. India, Central and South-America (e.g. Colombia), and others. More contacts will be made in the next weeks.

Last but not least, many participants came to see the videos and the demos at the “demo night” organised by US Ignite and GENI on 24 March evening. FIWARE was voted “best demo” by the participants, out of 63 demo tables!

Jacques Magen (InterInnov), on behalf of the FIWARE Mundus delegation (including also Peter Fatelnig, EC; Federico Alvarez, UPM; Federico Facca, Create-Net; and Maurizio Cecchi, Telecom Italia) -thanks again to Ilkka Lakaniemi for his support.