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Recognition & Reward Programme

We are pleased to announce that the XIFI project launched the Recognition & Reward Programme.

The FIWARE Lab infrastructure federation currently comprises 18 nodes across Europe. Due to this Europe-wide scope, the federation enables large-scale trial deployments and can thus serve a broad range of user needs by experimenters and trial participants working on Future Internet applications and services. The infrastructure federation offers users and node operators multiple benefits. Users get access to a rich and diverse set of resources, while node operators get exposure to a wider market of potential users.

The FIWARE Lab Recognition & Reward (R&R) Programme has been launched to further strengthen the federation and its attractiveness for users and node operators.

In addition to recognising and rewarding the existing nodes, the programme aims to encourage further infrastructures to join the FIWARE Lab federation. This will help make the infrastructure federation even more attractive to users, including SMEs and Web entrepreneurs participating in the FIWARE Accelerator Programme.

The R&R accreditation of nodes will give SMEs and Web entrepreneurs assurance and orientation. For node operators getting the R&R label will be a useful marketing factor for attracting more users. In addition, the label may even help them in acquiring projects outside of the FIWARE community-

The FIWARE Lab Recognition & Reward Programme offers three levels of accreditation:

  • BRONZE: This level includes the engagement and partial integration, forming part of the federation but with caveats and pre-conditions for the experimentation. The training should have been completed and the understanding of the processes done.
  • SILVER: This level will be reached after the BRONZE level, when the achievement of joining the XIFI federation and offering openly the same services (with a similar service level) as the other infrastructures already in XIFI is reached. A sustainability plan for staying in FIWARE Lab is needed.
  • GOLD: This level will be reached after the SILVER level when the infrastructure in addition to being federated and openly offering services, is contributing with a number of users / developers or a massive amount of resources compared to other infrastructures, which is increasing the use of the XIFI federation and the objectives of the FI-PPP. A sustainability plan for staying in FIWARE Lab is needed.

In Recognition of reaching an accreditation the federated Infrastructure will receive the following Rewards:

1.    Monetary Reward - €500 for reaching each level:
      - BRONZE is awarded €500
      - SILVER is awarded an additional €500
      - GOLD is awarded an additional €500

2.    XIFI trophy, for reaching the GOLD level.

3.    XIFI label, for reaching any level.

4.    XIFI Certificate, for reaching any level.


How to participate

Any infrastructure node which has joined the FIWARE Lab federation is invited to apply for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold label. The application procedure is simple: download and fill out the Application Form. Then send the signed form (and any supporting material like, e.g., a sustainability plan) to the XIFI Federation Office at contact(at)fi-xifi(dot)eu

Further information on the Recognition & Reward Programme is available on the XIFI Website at