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FIWARE Ops: Showcase videos

FIWARE Ops has produced a series of training videos, which present and showcase the federation in a very clear and comprehensive way. These videos are used as supporting materials during our training sessions. They are published here in the on-line learning platform and social media channels.

The key purpose of the videos is to present the showcases to Infrastructure Owners and Operators, as well as Smart City innovators, that include the Public Authorities, SMEs/Developers and Accelerators showing the advantage of joining the FIWARE Lab federation

  • HOW DO I LET “CUSTOMERS” KNOW WHAT’S AVAILABLE? : This Use Case covers all aspects of the cloud computing paradigm (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), demonstrating how easy it is for an Infrastructure owner/operator to create a FIWARE Lab-compatible IaaS environment from the bare metal up, search, compare, register and advertise available PaaS or SaaS services (GEs/SEs) across the federation how to take into consideration specific requirements, such as regulatory or data protection restrictions, during design and deployment of an application and finally how to monitor the performance of running services, requiring no intervention from the stakeholder (performance monitoring adapters come pre-installed with the GE images). (Watch the video here)
  • HOW DO I GET THE BEST OUT OF WHAT’S AVAILABLE?: It’s important to know where to deploy and on occasion to be able to manage bandwidth and performance so that technologies work at their best. This showcase demonstrates how to monitor, manage performance, and capitalise on network performance.
    This aggregated showcase focuses on the network functionalities, which allow the user to leverage the FIWARE Lab network federation. These include also the possibility to offer QoS and monitoring the network traffic. (Watch the video here)
  • I AM A STARTUP, WHY SHOULD I USE FIWARE LAB?: FIWARE Lab nodes offer a unique environment to support start-up and innovative product bootstrapping. The process of creating a start-up or an innovative product is a challenge. Indeed, the road to success requires a mix of ingredients like technological skills, funding, specific types of resources, mentoring, test-users, etc. (Watch the video here)

This showcase aims to demonstrate how a rich ecosystem offered by the combination of infrastructures (FIWARE Lab – the Federated Infrastructures) and an innovative platform (FIWARE) can effectively support the different needs of acceleration for an innovative idea.