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What can I gain through joining the XIFI infrastructure federation?

First and foremost, you can strengthen your position and value offering to your existing customers (strengthen user retention), because through joining the XIFI infrastructure federation you can offer access to your existing customers to a much richer and more diverse set of resources, not only expanding your existing capacities in volume, but also access to technologies and capabilities not available locally. Furthermore, your customers will also become part of the European Future Internet ecosystem, obtaining very valuable experiences and know-how not accessible otherwise, being able to collaborate and build business relationships across Europe.

All this is available at a marginal, one off expense – provided you have an existing and self sustaining ecosystem to start with. What is necessary that you slice out the basic required resources from your existing infrastructure and offer it to the federation, and deploy some basic and well supported technologies necessary for the integration into the federation. (There is already ample of experience gathered and support is available for this step from the XIFI project and the federation members/community.) At the same time, you can retain full control of the remaining part of your infrastructure and keep continue running your existing business.

Further to the above, through becoming a member of the XIFI infrastructure federation you would be able to tap on the wide user base of the European Future Internet ecosystem, offering access to your services and the specific solutions and technologies you have to the large developer and entrepreneur community of FI-Lab through the open marketplace, effectively gaining new customers and enlarging your user base, building out new business.