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Requirements towards a XIFI infrastructure node

Project XIFI defines an infrastructure node that has the following characteristics and offers the following services:

  • offers capacity to host specific software components named “Generic Enablers (GEs)” to provide a common solution for Future Internet applications,
  • offers high speed connectivity to the Internet and/or the GÉANT network,
  • optionally offers additional capacities such as: sensing environment, advanced wireless connectivity, etc.
  • offers services to developers: support, backup 
  • offers access to user communities for running trials.

Capacity needs to be indicated according to the nature of the resources provided, e.g. a data centre offering storage and processing capacity would be expected to provide a significant number of cores and associated data storage, whereas a sensing network would be described according to the number and range of accessible sensors, etc.

The infrastructure should have adequate connectivity that supports the connection of the proposed additional node to the XIFI federation and the available bandwidth can demonstrably support access to the services offered by the proposed additional infrastructure node.

Up to date information about the current XIFI infrastructure nodes and the requirements of new infrastructure nodes can be retrieved at the XIFI project website at

Minimum Connectivity Requirements

The connectivity capacity will be used for two aims: connect to the backbone of XIFI federated cloud to support node management operations, and provide connectivity to the deployed services for end-users.

  • 1 Gbps GEANT connectivity for the backbone

       Backbone will be implemented in IPv6

  • 100 Mbps Internet connectivity for end-users

       Service to end-users will be provided in dual stack IPv4 / IPv6

  • SEC Firewall

Data Centre Requirements

The data centre capacity will be used for deploying the FIWARE platform and the GEs and the XIFI services that will allow connectivity to the federation. To this aim the data centre is required to be able to host OpenStack installation or to have it already available. The basic required software stack is the one described in FIWARE documentation for DCRM installation ( additional services will be provided by XIFI for network and data centre monitoring. Such services in general terms will leverage on top of existing monitoring tools provided by the data centre.

The following resources should be dedicated to XIFI and the FI-PPP for the hosting of GEs and SEs:


Other General Requirements

Infrastructures participating or wishing to join should as well offer a variety of additional capacities and services to widen the offer of current XIFI nodes.

  • additional capacities may include: sensing environment, advanced wireless connectivity, smart city datasets, etc.
  • additional services may include: support, backup, training, access to end-user communities, etc.

New infrastructure nodes should always consult the up to date list of evolving technical requirements published at