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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

My infrastructure already provides large-scale trials to many experimenters. What is the added value of joining the XIFI federation?
XIFI will offer you the opportunity to leverage economies of scope, i.e. to efficiently diversify your service offering to your customers by becoming part of the FI-PPP and accessing FI-PPP technologies and community. Beyond that it will offer you the opportunity to attract more web entrepreneurs to trial their innovative ideas over your infrastructure.

Is it really necessary to dedicate (at least) 100 cores to the XIFI infrastructure node? Can I dedicate the equivalent computational power of 100 cores from an existing (bigger) infrastructure?
We specify 100 nodes dedicated to XIFI. Where these come from is left up to the node operator/owner. 100 cores (around 3 servers medium range such as dell r715) have to be available through the OpenStack deployment. If not all capacity is used, the remaining capacity can be used for your own customers. However it is not recommended to use a different deployment model, since this would increase the management complexity at your node.

Are there any preferred GEs that should be available on new nodes? Is it necessary that all GEs should be deployed and accesible at every node?
We expect that nodes should be able to host GEs. In the worst case this could mean all GEs. However all nodes need to support the GEs that will be required by the users that will use each node. This information is not known yet for Phase III projects. Because of that we want to make sure that each node is able to host all GEs.
The cloud chapter baseline (see FI-WARE) is compulsory for the connectivity to the central portal. This is basically DCRM GE, an extension to OpenStack.

I already have a set of connected / inter-working infrastructures. Can I apply to become an associate member with a set of nodes?
Yes, you can apply to become an associate member with an infrastructure comprising several nodes. However, the legal entity applying must demonstrate is ownership regarding the whole infrastructure with a clear operational responsibility over the proposed infrastructure.

Is it mandatory to involve FI-PPP experimenters, only? Can we accept experimenters outside the FI-PPP?
Through the XIFI portal your XIFI infrastructure node will be available to experimenters and developers outside the FI-PPP. A number of resources maybe reserved  by Use Case Trials. You will have to commit a precise number of resources (as by the technical requirements) to offer the generic enablers provided by FI-WARE and tools developed by XIFI. With the launch of the FI-LAB the generic enablers are available to everyone for non-commercial use. For details check FI-LAB at FI-WARE.

Is a connection to GEANT or another high speed connectivity network mandatory? We provide services that are based on the regular Internet and would be enhanced with high speed connectivity, however the services work with regular Internet access as well.
GEANT connectivity is highly recommended to allow for dynamic network configuration across XIFI nodes. In any case, a high bandwidth connectivity to the Internet is a definite requirement. It is advisable to check how your infrastructure can reach other national research network nodes (NREN) via the public Internet or any other dedicated link (e.g. via your NREN and GEANT).

Where and when can I get more information?

The XIFI federation office will support you regarding any further questions you might have. E-mail