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Application template for infrastructures that wish to join the XIFI federation

An infrastructure wishing to join the XIFI federation needs to provide some basic information in a structured way following the format described below:

  • Specify the legal entity that wishes to join the federation, together with a short description of the legal entity, its research activities and providing any reference relevant for making their case for joining the federation
  • Provide a short description of the infrastructure offered to be federated, including any existing user base
  • Describe the objectives aimed to be achieved through joining the XIFI federation, including the socio-economic ones
  • Provide a description of the node and technical infrastructure offered, resources dedicated to the XIFI federation in terms of

       Number of CPU cores

       Core types

       Total RAM offered

       Total HD storage capacity offered

       Number and type of servers

       Per server capacity

       Switches and routers


       Network connectivity available to access the node (bandwidth and/or dark fibre available through the National Research Network / NREN)

       Virtualisation service, hypervisor used

       Help desk support provided

       Overall architecture of the node

       Access services / technologies covered

       Networking services offered / covered

       Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting solution deployed

       IPv6 and QoS capabilities

  • Provide CVs of the key personnel that will be responsible for the operation and administration of the node