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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 604590.







What is XIFI?

XIFI is a project of the European Public-Private-Partnership on Future Internet (FI-PPP) programme. In this context XIFI is the project responsible for the capacity building part of the programme.

XIFI will pave the way for the establishment of a common European market for large-scale trials for Future Internet and Smart Cities through the creation of a sustainable pan-European federation of Future Internet test infrastructures. The XIFI open federation will leverage existing public investments in advanced infrastructures and support advanced large-scale deployment of FI-PPP early trials across a multiplicity of heterogeneous environments and sector use cases that should be sustained beyond the FI-PPP programme.


  • integrate infrastructure components, with functional components that satisfy the interoperability requirements for the GEs of the FIWARE core platform
  • ensure that each infrastructure site is able to offer access to its services through open interfaces as specified by the FI-PPP collaboration agreement terms and the new governance model agreed at the FI-PPP programme level
  • support the infrastructure sites that exist in the early trial projects to adapt and upgrade their services and functionality
  • support more of the existing infrastructures, identified by INFINITY, to adapt and upgrade their services and functionality
  • leverage the experience and knowledge of federation of testbeds that has been gained by the FIRE initiative
  • develop processes and mechanisms to validate that each site, which joins the XIFI federation, is able to provide the required services and thus is able to support the early trials and phase III (expansion phase) of the programme
  • develop the necessary business incentives, in order to lay the ground work for a sustainable ecosystem beyond the horizon of the FI-PPP programme
  • seek the cooperation with the FI-PPP Programme Facilitation and Support project as well as the technology foundation, the usage areas and early trials projects
  • utilise, where appropriate, the infrastructure investments and project support provided by GÉANT and its connected NREN‘s and global partners who are involved in similar initiatives particularly in North America (GENI) and Asia