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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 604590.







Overall objectives

XIFI has the following overall objectives, in line with the FI-PPP programme objectives:

  • Define the reference architecture and deliver the implementation of a sustainable federation of FIWARE core platform enabled infrastructures
  • Offer to FI-PPP use cases and early trial projects an initial infrastructure capacity compliant to the FIWARE core platform
  • Integrate, adapt and upgrade existing infrastructures to ensure compliancy with the FI-PPP programme requirements
  • Satisfy the capacity requirements of the early trial projects of the FI-PPP phase II
  • Enlarge the initial capacity of federation by recruiting further infrastructures
  • Support the participation in the FI-PPP programme of infrastructure owners and application developers, by providing them with documentation and training to join and use the federation
  • Showcase the benefits of federated capacity to FI-PPP stakeholders through a set of scenarios
  • Ensure the federation is sustainable beyond the project.

Socio-economic objectives

The following high-level Socio-Economic objectives constitute the drivers of innovation within XIFI:

  • Reduce the cost, increase the scale and save time when testing Future Internet applications and services by infrastructure owners/operators, technology providers and users.
  • Enable business models to facilitate the participation of the different stakeholders in the creation of a pan-European federation of infrastructures and its associated marketplace.
  • Facilitate the establishment of a marketplace where service providers can find and recruit capabilities facilitating their deployments, hereby exposing and building the European Future Internet capacities.
  • Consolidate and position European activities and interest in the area of large-scale infrastructures for Future Internet.
  • In view of phase III of the FI-PPP, raise the awareness and educate European Public Administrators and Infrastructures owners in the area of Future Internet, particularly with respect to the opportunities associated with offering local experimental infrastructures to be used in phase III of the programme.

The project will develop the above socio-economic objectives in an open and non-discriminatory way, to offer the European industry, researchers and citizens, new opportunities to conduct business.

Technological objectives

The FI-PPP programme related objectives and the socio-economic objectives are addressed by the technological objectives of the XIFI project as follows:

  • Enable a transparent, open and documented process for the establishment of a pan-European federation of Future Internet infrastructures.
  • Facilitate the interoperability of existing Future Internet platforms and legacy systems with the GEs provided by FIWARE.
  • Simplify the access to distributed Future Internet facilities across Europe.
  • Improve scalability and quality of service of Future Internet facilities in relation to the needs of large-scale trials.
  • Validate and demonstrate the potential of a federation of Future Internet facilities across Europe, by implementing relevant showcases.
  • Support the automatic composition of resources and services to respond to the requirements posed by applications.
  • Improve the accessibility to infrastructure through appropriate support.

The above objectives will be achieved through the establishment of an initial set of federated and interoperable infrastructures capable of provisioning the services offered by the FIWARE core platform. This initial work will enable a better understanding of technical, operational and legal requirements posed by infrastructures and Future Internet platforms that will be used to open up the federation to all interested parties through a shared process built around experience of the FI-PPP projects and infrastructure owners.